Friday, April 06, 2007

Group 6, Day 1

Here they are!

By report, there are four girls and two boys, and they look to be about three weeks old, with eyes open and observing, and shaky walking skills. I went up to get 5 kittens, and got a bonus... there are 6! Oh, and Mom, which makes 7 total cats. Kitten season is beginning. This week there were three moms with litters plus two spares looking for foster homes. And kittens aren't all. While I was picking these up another foster mom was there picking up three puppies.

Here's Mom:

Her name is Sweetie, a lovely DSH torbie, but she is both smaller and skinnier than she looks in this photo. Her story: she and her litter were in an apartment building that doesn't allow pets. Doesn't that just leave you wondering? Was she someone's surreptitious pet that got pregnant? And how, if she was squirreled away in an apartment? Was she a stray, found in the area? If a stray, how ever did they keep her together with all 6 kittens?

It's not only me. My bigs are dying of curiosity, though they seemed a little less anxious to visit the nursery when they caught a glimpse of Mom. They definitely have the routine down, though. As soon as I went in, they were right there at the door wanting to see the kittens.


Flippy said...

Omigawd, they're soooo cute. It's 4 little versions of our Bing. And 2 Liams. The mom is a nice looking cat too. She looks young.

Gottagopractice said...

She is. They estimated 9 months, hardly more than a kitten herself. She has the most beautiful peach tabby markings on her face. And very sweet. She's spent much of the day curled up in my arms purring, while the kittens sleep in their pile in the Nursery.

shelley said...

Oh Yay - a new batch of kittens. They all look so sweet, including the mom Sweetie. What do the Bigs think of Mom?

shelley said...

OMG - I just noticed the one little face in the bathtub, in the picture of Mom on the edge. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

What a precious bunch! Darn it though I get mad at the owners who don't spay & neuter, and then give the offspring to shelters. Grr!