Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Sugar Babies have had a busy week. They have moved completely out of the tub, though I still confine them to the bathroom at night. During the day they spend most of the time playing and sleeping in the office. They have made a couple of short treks into the house at large, but still prefer the more confined and familiar space... unless both Sweetie and I leave.

We did make a quick trip to vet services yesterday. After 2 1/2 weeks the three smallest kittens have gained no weight to speak of. And all the kittens except one have diarrhea, which I won't describe in detail. They all got a round of deworming, though no parasites were seen. I think it may just be cow's milk intolerance, since it started with the introduction of KMR. (With all the advice not to feed kittens cow's milk, I am astounded that kitten milk replacement is based on cow's milk, as are most of the kitten glop formula recipes. WT?) Anyway, we're trying some dietary modifications.

Other than not gaining weight, the kittens are growing fine. They are all excellent climbers. D- described the experience of putting her arm in the tub as being attacked by spiders, as they all clambered up her sleeves. I wish to reassure her that the world is safe for sleeves since Sunday, when we did a round of toenail clipping. Do you realize that I currently have 180 feline toenails residing in my house?

As for play skills, I've seen a couple chase the balls, but they prefer chasing each other. I see lots of pouncing, wrestling, sideways hopping, puffing up and chomping down. They are also starting to express playmate preferences. My favorite pair is Chip and Sugar, the biggest brother and the smallest sister. She's a scrappy little thing. The two red tabbies, Honey and Snap, are also a regular pair.

Another thing all but Snap learned to do this week was belly rolls. After learning belly-up in the lap I have seen everyone else sleeping and playing this way. I consider that a sign of excellent socialization. Here are a few I captured on film.

Honey, Taffy and Candy.

Taffy belly up, Chip checking things out.

Chip decides that looks pretty comfortable.

Tiny Candy squirming.

It's Tummy Tuesday. To see more of the (feline) sunny-side-up variety, visit LisaViolet.


Lisa said...

They are all so sweet! I don't think I would describe the claws as an attack by spiders (I'm very arachnophobic and now I've got chills thinking about it), but I do remember the last litter of kittens I experienced would climb all over my legs and for an hour afterwards I could still fill those little claws on my skin.

shelley said...

The Sugar Babies are looking adorable! What a lovely little family Sweetie has.

Omnibus Driver said...

They get cuter by the day!

Charles said...

Oh, I so do miss the kitten days!!

Omnibus Driver said...

BTW -- You can substitute goat's milk for cow's milk in the kitten glop, and they tolerate it MUCH better.