Saturday, April 28, 2007

Travel amenities

I think I've finally got this figured out. There's a setting deep in the bowels of Blogger that lets me e-mail in a post and have it published directly. No more struggling with a web interface that doesn't quite work on my Treo to edit and publish.

I've also set up my Google Reader Mobile so that I can scroll through my massive list of blogs waiting to be read while I'm hanging out at the airport or otherwise waiting for travel things to happen. If I have a signal, I can read blogs. Except in the air, of course. But I have a couple of e-books, and there's always Sudoku or Kakuro to play.

The only thing I can't do with a Treo is CelloBloggers. Ning is not Blazer-friendly. But otherwise, I don't miss my computer much at all. And I certainly don't miss my laptop-lugging days.

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