Sunday, June 17, 2007

Alphabet Soup

Did I mention I've had a small remodeling project going on for the past two weeks? The work area included the Nursery, where we replaced the toilet (wanted one that flushes reliably) and the vent fan (kittens were scared by the old one, which sounded like a 747 taking off). The vent fan was probably the more critical, sorely missed when I had 7 cats with diarrhea in there.

The work was finished on Friday, and on Sunday afternoon we moved in a new family of kittens. These came to attention when an older sister appeared at a feeding station "down south" with a huge purple mass instead of an eye. The sister was presumably from the litter before these kittens, who looked to be about six weeks old. The nice lady who was feeding them brought them inside while looking for assistance for the patient. The local rescue group agreed to help out, and I became the official foster home that allowed them to bring the kittens up, too.

These aren't shelter kittens, so I had to learn a whole new intake protocol, which included a physical exam, weights, first deworming, and toenail clipping. Also cleaning off the bottom of one who had diarrhea. They have evidently been cooped up for about two weeks, and letting them out of the carrier was like releasing a cyclone into the nursery. In about 5 minutes there was litter and poop everywhere. Ugh. That's why they start out in a bathroom.

After an hour of bouncing off the walls I fed them, and here they are at their first meal. From the top and clockwise we have JJ looking at you, GiGi, Elle, and QT. They needed names before they go to the vet for a check-up, and I went with an alphabet theme.

The remainder of this post is their medical log. I'll have more pictures later.


Date GiGi JJ Elle QT
6/17 Su 28 29 30 30
6/20 W 28.5 27 31 31
6/21 Th 29 27 29.5 30.5
6/22 F 29 26 28.5 31.5
6/23 Sa 28.5 26.5 28.5 31.5
6/24 Su 29.5 27 30 33
6/25 M 30 30.5 33 32.5
6/26 Tu 33 33 36 34+
6/27 W 32 33 35 36
6/28 Th 35 33 34 35.5
6/29 F 36.5 36.5 36 34
7/2 M 35 38.5 36 37
7/7 Sa 38 37 37.5 38.5
7/17 2+13.5 2+15 2+15.5 3+5

GiGi - brown classic tabby with white feet
JJ - brown classic tabby with "bulls eye", white feet, white stripe on belly
Elle - dilute torbie with classic pattern and white feet, lots of pink!
QT - marmalade mackerel tabby with white feet


4/29 Est. DOB
6/17 Arrived
Strongid 0.5 cc
No fleas or ear mites seen
Nails clipped
Diarrhea (pooled brown): QT and GiGi, at least
6/20 Vet check LAH
JJ SQ hydrated
Start i/d diet
6/21 ThWatery yellow diarrhea
All SQ hydrated
stool still Neg
Start Albon 0.90 then 0.45 cc qd
6/26 T Vomiting, may have been overfeeding.
(Note high wts p bfast.) QT also after Baby Cat.
Stop Baby Cat, start DM kibble.
6/28 Th Incr Albon to 0.5cc
6/30 Sa Change kibble to DM + Evo + Wellness + i/d
(nearly out of DM)
7/1 Su Strongid #2 0.6cc (new bottle)
7/7 Sa Distemper #1
7/20 F Last Albon
7/21 Sa Strongid #3 0.7cc
7/24 W Spay/Neuter
All FIV/FeLV Neg
8/2 Th Distemper #2
Cestex (L,GG,JJ)
8/27 M JJ ponazuril 0.35cc paste
(5.5 lbs, recurrent diarrhea)
8/28 Tu Elle ponazuril ~0.35cc paste
(5 lbs 2 oz, recurrent diarrhea)
Both JJ and Elle had liquid diarrhea w/blood spots today
11/9 F GiGi well-visit @ WPC. Someone's stools POS for clostridium and giardia cyst. GiGi has significant gingivitis.
Panacure qd x 5d
Distemper #3
Rabies #1
1/5-26/2008 Gigi Three week course of doxycycline 50mg/ml, 0.5cc BID for gingivitis (John had mycoplasma hemofelis on biopsy)

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