Monday, June 18, 2007

Country Cousins

The new kittens are settling in nicely. I think the diarrhea is most likely due to the stress of a long trip in a cat carrier along with a newly-enrichened diet. I'm feeding them Authority kitten loaf, which I have found to be a nice bland diet that was not on recent recall lists, laced with acidophilus, and have already found one semi-formed stool in the box.

Having burned off the excess energy, I find I have a nursery full of velvety soft purring cuddlers. Big and healthy, too. Looks like they're fresh off the farm. They weigh about the same as Captain Jack, but look twice as big. Huge feet and thick coats.

Here's a couple minutes of morning play time for your vicarious kitten-viewing pleasure. That's JJ trying to finish of the last bit of breakfast, and Elle the annoying tail-pulling sister.


Anonymous said...

that's nuts-- so much energy, and so easily entertained. I guess a kittens brain says "if it moves, pounce on it" pretty much non-stop.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

These alphabet kittens have so much energy! The little orange one, QT reminds me alot of my Kellie.

Funky Smith said...

That is so cute. It never stops. I love when the one just yanks the tail, like, HMMM!