Thursday, June 21, 2007


It's been a busy week. The new kittens have severe diarrhea (there's a surprise) so have been in to the vet for hydration twice already. Today I got a little training and supplies so I can do it at home. I must say, the kittens objected much more vociferously than the adult cats with renal failure I've treated in the past. This looks like a 2 person job.

Captain Jack went back in the hospital with another bout of severe constipation. At least I recognized what was going on earlier, so he wasn't quite so sick this time. But the poor little guy still isn't passing stool after multiple enemas, so he's not ready to come home yet.

Lot's of driving, as neither vet is close to me. Not much practicing happening. I guess I don't feel much like playing right now. Not too worried yet; sometimes I just need to take a break.

Was hoping to get to orchestra rehearsal today, but was worn out by the emergency vet trip. Stamina's not returned yet. Good news, though: on Monday my knee bent enough to turn the pedals on the bike completely over, so I was able to spin for 10 minutes. At last. I need some endorphans. Three more rehearsals until the summer concerts, so I really hope I'm up to going next week.

And finally, last night I disassembled my computer so that I could put in a rug and computer shelves, and hopefully lose the rats' nest of wires. Alas, the power cord won't fit through the slot in back, so I'm computerless until I get to the store for a narrower extension cord. Trusty Treo to the rescue.

And that's the news.


David E Maeda said...

Hope all the kitties and Cap'n Jack get healthy soon. And you too... The new kittens look pretty darn cute. I'm anxious to see more video of jack soon too...

Omnibus Driver said...

Has your vet prescribed antibiotics for the kittens? I used to be a breeder, and this happened frequently. I learned that Clavamox clears this up much faster than Amoxycillin. If the vet hasn't prescribed antibiotics yet, it's time to ask for them.

Katie said...

Sorry to hear about the kittens' diarrhea. I've dealt with that before and it's no fun.

Sending lots of thoughts to Jack right now, I'm sure worried about the little guy.

Sounds like I'll get to meet your littles tommorrow, I'll be over with D for a photo shoot!

Gottagopractice said...

Thanks for the advice, o.d. In this neck of the woods we start by treating for presumed coccidia, which is endemic and a common killer of kittens, even if the stool looks negative. So this is the third day on Albon. I'll certainly keep this in mind if things aren't improving in a couple of days.

And thanks to all for your good wishes for Captain Jack. You already know that his wasn't a happy ending, but know also that he had many people who loved him and that we eased his suffering as well as we were able.