Friday, June 15, 2007

Double Mint

For the first two weeks after surgery I was under orders not to climb stairs, based on my surgeon's experience of patients having a higher likelihood of injuring their repaired limbs in stair accidents than anything else, so I camped out on the fold-out couch in the guest room. One evening Sugar and Candy joined me there, and soon after, Cricket and John. I don't know, seeing the pairs curled up together just gives me warm fuzzies.

It also called up a mental association. Sometimes a good way to practice a shift that is giving me problems is to work things out both forward, as the shift is in the music, and backward. T- calls that "double minting" the shift. Even though the backward shift seems to be irrelevant, you are working out the balance of the shift and kinesthetically training your arm joints about distances.

Thought you might enjoy that pictorial reminder.

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Funky Smith said...

Yes! I always tell my students it's helping build their muscle memory and make them do it both ways, gliss up and down and then shift up and down. Cool thought.