Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chippie TV

Yesterday afternoon I was taking a break between 15 minutes of Lee Melodious Etudes No. 4 and 5 and what was (hello, Buster) planned to be 10 minutes on the triplets in the first movement of Dvorak #8 (or 4, depending on how you count.) (It became 30, but that was the only part I didn't work to plan, so I was happy that the plan mostly worked, and that I got extra needed time on those triplets.) Anyway, I walked through the bedroom to get a towel to pad the piano bench I was sitting on to practice, and noticed John in one of the windows behind the shade, and Cricket desperately trying to get in there with him.

I opened the shade for her to discover - what else? - Chippie TV (hello, Byron). The chipmunks here seem even more active with the change in the weather, and my cats love watching them on both sides of the house. This little rodent was busily popping in and out of what appeared to be a subterranean chamber under my sidewalk, and was active long enough for me to get the camera. No, you can't see him, but John and Cricket can. (Bye, Byron.)

(Hello, Byron.)
(Bye, Byron.)
(Hello, Byron.)

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