Monday, March 26, 2007

Luke and Leila Update

It's been awhile since I posted any cat entries, so when I got this e-mail from S- I thought it would would be nice to update you on the life of Luke and Leila (formerly Leia). These are two of the photos I took when I visited a couple of weeks ago. Curious that they seem to like backgrounds where they blend in best, little chameleons that they are.

From S-:
I just wanted to share the latest cute stories from Luke and Leila with you. Any time Leila decides to take a nap in an open area Luke decides it's his job to wake her up by biting her and playing with her. So to prevent this from happening, she has out-smarted him, imagine that! She now naps under the couch, bench seat, or table with the shelf on the bottom because Luke can't fit under any of these pieces of furniture! She naps in peace until she is ready to deal with him again! Give that girl credit, she is always thinking!

Sunday I had the windows open since it was so nice out and both L & L loved it! They were glued to the screen checking everything out. So when it finally started to rain I hated to have to close the window, so I was just watching to see if it was raining in the window jam before I shut them. I couldn't tell right away if it was raining in until I looked over at Luke and then it became pretty obvious. He was sitting in his perch and every time a rain drop would hit him in the face he would blink. It was absolutely hilarious! Don't get up and move, just sit there and blink! What a guy!

And I have to share last week's update, too:
I worked an extra long day yesterday and when I arrived home I was greeted by happy little kids. Until they realized the door was still open--silly me. They both rushed down the hall to the neighbors door to investigate. By the time I got to them, Leila heard the neighbor talk and the baby cry and she was gone back to her safe little home! Luke wasn't phased one bit and proceeded to check things out. After I scooped him up and went back into the house I had to delivered the appropriate amount of attention and affection. When they had their fill, they began to play.

After a few minutes, Luke came bounding from the glider by the window running full speed across the back of the couch and he ran right into the lamp on the table. Stopped him dead in his tracks! He shook his head and looked at me like why did I put that there? After I made sure he was all right he was off to another adventure.

A few minutes later, I noticed Miss Leila kept disappearing into the bathroom with various toys. When I got up to see what she was doing, I found a spring, a jack, a mouse, a tail to a mouse, a cow bell, and a few balls all strategically placed into her new favorite playground--the bathtub! She kept adding items through the evening! What a little princess!

Just a typical evening!

What scamps. After reading this it seems so quiet in my house.

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shelley said...

It's so good to see little Luke and Leila again! They sound like little scamps : )