Thursday, March 15, 2007


I had an interesting experience playing in church this past Sunday.

I'm still figuring out the routine, but so far we have had one or two pieces with choir that we rehearse ahead of time, plus two or more hymn arrangements that we get music for on the way in to final rehearsal 30 minutes before services start. Then it's a quick run through to learn the road map, and maybe touch up a trouble spot. Maybe. If not, at least you know it is there.

Last Sunday one of the hymns was in D MAJ, and the road map was play three verses, the first in C, the second in Db, and the third in D. Orchestra was to sit out the first verse, play the second quietly, then forte for the third.

Well this is cool, I thought. I've never transposed a cello piece in a performance, but in piano class we transpose nearly every piece right now. They're all in five-finger patterns, so no big deal. I struggled to play through by intervals, like on the piano. Hit a few clunkers, but overall did better than I expected.

It wasn't until after I left that I realized all I needed to do was read the notes and think the key signature with 5 flats. Duh.

Does anyone out there have any secrets for transposing on the cello?

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