Thursday, March 01, 2007


Purr-rrr-k-rrr-k-rr-kchoo! The kittens came home from the vet with a little URI. Just sneezing. A little watery eye. But no discolored discharges, fever, or respiratory difficulty. Some liquid stools, but that resolved with a day of plain yoghurt supplementing their meals. (They love that stuff. Who knew?)

But here's something I haven't seen before. They have pretty much stopped sneezing. Except - when they purr. I have been getting skeptical responses when I describe that to the cat rescue people. I can almost see the raised eyebrows over the phone, and no emoticons required in e-mail. But really - they purr, they sneeze, or possibly cough. Still.

Eden had a little bout today that I couldn't catch quickly enough, but here is the video proof. Charlie, would you purr for us, please?


shelley said...

I'm in love with Charlie and his black splotches : )

Anonymous said...

Another Charlie fan here. She looks like somebody dipped their fingers in black paint and gave her head a scratch.