Saturday, March 17, 2007

The week in review

When I started this blog, I decided to limit myself to one main topic per post. I thought a shorter post looks more accessible and is more likely to be read. When it became apparent that I have two separate topics, and that "cat people" read "cat posts" and "cello people" read "cello posts," it helped them (you) to clearly see which was which. It helped me to focus my thoughts and complete my ideas. One downside, though: it's kept me from writing on occasion when I have too many things to talk about and not enough time to do justice to them all.

Like this past week or two. If you have been following his blog, you have seen Guanaco mention the social network web site we have been building for cello bloggers on Ning. We called it CelloBloggers... imagine that. It's taken some time away from blogging to set it up, and while I expect we will continue to improve it over time, it's now up and running and ready to welcome members. We elected to set it up as a private network to decrease the likelihood of spammers, which means you need to request an invitation to join, but don't let that be an impediment. If you are a blogging cellist, stop by the site and request an invitation.

And now completely violating my single-subject intent, here's my digest of events for March (so far):
* Eden and Charlie left yesterday for a new home with a lovely young couple and another 3-year-old female cat named Cookie, who reportedly looks just like Eden. We're missing them here, as always, and anxiously awaiting news about how they're adjusting, and what their new names will be. My bigs seem happy to have my full attention. I'm undoubtedly anthropomorphising, but I'm sure I heard a big sigh of relief that now they would get some rest, followed by whines of boredom, "Mom, where are the littles? I want to play!"

* Last weekend I visited Luke and Leia (now Leila) in their new home. They are obviously happy and healthy, and up to 5 lbs. Leila is going to be a petite thing, but Luke has a manly ruff and some big feet on him. He has a way to grow. They were very playful and social, but I never had the impression that they remembered who I was. That's good. I loved seeing them happy and well-adjusted.

* D-'s foster kittens are big and growing fast. We're calling them the Sausage Kittens because they are so darn fat, though they will be given Shakespearean names in honor of their mother, Juliet. I've got a bunch of pictures I need to post.

* Physical therapy on my knee is going well. I can walk and climb stairs normally, but am missing my aerobic exercise. Walking too long aggravates things, and I can't run yet. Was biking, but had to cut back on that this week, as well as some of the exercises, because I've developed a "click." Still sorting that out.

* I also started occupational therapy to try to clear up the last of this lingering tennis elbow in my bow arm. The massage, ultrasound, and iontophoresis seem to helping, after only one session. I'm also supposed to be wearing a brace at night, but that lasts only until I wake up claustrophobic at 2 am and have to take it off. And here's the hardest part: my practice schedule is supposed to be 5 minutes twice a day, separated by an hour of rest. I decided to interpret that as 5 minutes of bowing plus 50 minutes of left hand playing, quiet pizz while wearing the brace, and cognitive work. We'll see what the OT has to say about that next week.

* DH turned 50 this month. So far we've had three parties. He seems to be holding up well.

* And lastly, this is my green thing for St. Patty's Day. Yum.

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shelley said...

So, all the littles are now gone, I can imagine Cricket, Madelaine and John have mixed feelings : )

How exciting that you were able to visit your former houseguests!