Saturday, September 08, 2007

Beating Retreat

Again, in the courtyard at Hopetoun House. Retreat involves the marching of the pipes and drums onto the field and maneuvering into a circle, to facilitate the playing of several tunes, then regrouping to march off the field after a salute is exchanged between the individual we would identify as the drum major and the presiding official.


Anonymous said...

Bagpipes! Yay! Those bagpipers are waaay nuttier than us cellists.

Anonymous said...

We are in Sussex, in the South of England, and used to see a bagpiper walking in nearby woods and playing as he went. I feel his wife must have sent him out of the house to prevent the neighbours phoning the police. It actually sounded lovely. Bagpipes need to be played in a lonely place by a solitary piper. My husband is a Scot, so maybe I am prejudiced!