Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hopetoun House

Taken at the meeting's final soiree at Hopetoun House. Still searching for fiddlers in Scotland. I'm thinking the search may be more fruitful in Appalachia.


Maricello said...

I've been in touch with Seylan Baxter, a Scottish cellist (Glasgow) who plays in a cello/harp duo. Maybe she can direct you to some Scottish cello/fiddle performances. See her website at

Sounds like your are hearing lots of authentic Scottish music, but you really should hear Scottish cello!

Seylan said...

Hello - here I am!

How long are you in Scotland for?

I'd be delighted to point you in the direction of decent Scottish music if I can. There are, I assure you, plenty of fiddlers about! (although not so many folk cellists as yet unfortunately.)

Why don't you send me an email: my first name at celloharp dot com. I'm going on holiday on Monday but if you can contact me before then I'll try to help.

I hope you're enjoying your stay.
All the best

Gottagopractice said...

Hello Seylan, It's nice to meet you. And thank you, Maricello for the introduction.

I've sent my itinerary to your e-mail address. I hope to see some fiddlers at the ceilidh on Monday night.

You may not read about it here until next weekend, though. I'm not optimistic that the train will have an internet connection. Back to the dark ages for a week!