Monday, September 24, 2007

Betty, Hettie, Teddy, and Freddy

I have so many things to blog about that I'm not. Blogging. My writing outflow is like a bunch of tangled typewriter keys. Does anyone else remember typewriter keys?

So here's the most important thing today: a new group of kittens. These four are half of a group of 8, and really should still be with their mother. Somehow they ended up dropped off at the shelter without her, though. They weigh 13-15 oz, are the smaller-sized half of the group, and reportedly do know how to eat, but I'll assess that for myself after a little nap. For them, not me. So far they have succeeded in scattering kibble around the tub, but I'm not sure they ingested much.

They are splattered with mud, have scrawny limbs and little pot bellies, are known to have had fleas and ear mites (now treated) and probably have worms. But they desperately want hugs, love cuddling, and have huge purrs. They're adorable. And quarantined until the parasites have been eradicated and there are only kittens left.

I got to name them, so here you see Betty (female, tux), Hettie (female, black, largest white star and bikini), Teddy (male, black, middle white star and bikini), and Freddy (male, black, tiny white star and bikini, and the biggest mouth).

It's nice to be back in the baby business.


David E Maeda said...

Terribly cute.

BTW- really enjoyed your overseas postings. Made me want to plan a trip.

PinkFluffySlippers said...

Oh, poor little dears. Well they've landed in the right place, that's for sure. You & those grown-up tuxedos will make healthy happy cats out of them in now time.

P.S. Welcome home!