Monday, September 17, 2007

Serengeti Log

Nothing to do with Africa, just a little addition to my foster crew with a face that calls to mind a tiny and absolutely adorable lion. I think D- feels a little bit sorry for me since she facilitated the adoption of Elle and JJ while we were in Scotland. So Seri is also a new buddy for GiGi, left behind.


06/07/2007 Est. DOB
08/15/2007 D- picked up kitten found as a stray found in Pine City, MN.
08/16/2007 She was checked out at LAH. She weighed 2.2 lbs. and no sign of fleas, but she had earmites. She was treated with Revolution and her ears were cleaned. She is a torbie (tabby, tortie with white trim).
08/23/2007 Seri vomits up stomach full of food and a huge live tapeworm. D- gave her a Cestex pill.
08/24/2007 First dose of Strongid
08/31/2007 First distemper shot
09/06/2007 Second dose of Cestex.
09/11/2007 Spay; Feleuk/FIV test negative.
09/14/2007 Second dose of Strongid
09/15/2007 Seri is not feeling well after spay; visited vet at Blue Cross Animal Hospital. Got one dose of amoxycillin that day and the next day started 1 ml doses twice a day to be continued for 10 days. She weighs in at 3 1/2 lbs.
09/17/2007 Sera moves to ggp's house for ongoing foster care.
10/02/2007 Third dose of Strongid, 0.9cc. (3.75 lbs)
10/02/2007 Second distemper shot
11/9/2007 Well-visit at WPC. Someone's stools tested POS for clostridium and giardia cyst. Ears look good.
Panacure qd x 5d
Distemper #3
Rabies #1
1/5-26/2008 Three week course of doxycycline 50mg/ml, 0.4cc BID for gingivitis (John had mycoplasma hemofelis on biopsy)
5/21/2008 WPC visit. Wt 9.5 lbs
Viral URI, scant sneezing, mostly conjunctivitis.
tx: Terramycin ointment OU TID

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