Monday, September 10, 2007


We spent Sunday afternoon hiking to and from, and exploring the Royal Botanical Gardens, about three hours of walking. This is from the rock garden, and I am pleased to say that my knee stood up both to the hiking and to climbing up these uneven stairs. Thanks, Dr. N!

Wandering the garden turned out to be a very Scottish way to spend the day, even though the weather was the rawest we have experienced yet. It wasn't quite raining, but overcast and very cool. Were we surprised to see the sun pop out again today for the first leg of our train journey through the Highlands. Should be some great scenery to be seen.

We depart in about an hour. In case that's the end of my internet access, see you next weekend.

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Cellogal said...

Fantastic to see your enjoying Edinburgh and Scotland so much! It's a wonderful country ( I live in a wee village off the A9 past Dunblane ) full of amazing scenery and countryside !
Enjoy your trip