Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I have more pictures to post tomorrow, but wanted to add a quick addendum to my windows post before I call it a night (it's about 11pm here).

Last night DH was struggling to outfit himself in a formal kilt, and getting warm with the effort. He went over to open the window, and a few moments struggle rapidly escalated to cursing (well, for him) directed at the window and pleas of help directed at me.

The latches were in the locked position.


Maricello said...

At least he asked for help. :-)

Have you encountered any Scottish cellists or fiddlers yet?

Gottagopractice said...

Yes, it's in my job description.

Edinburgh is busking central, but I've only seen myriad pipers and a small brass band. I saw one man carrying a bass in a case, but no other strings yet. There is supposed to be fiddling and dancing at a party tomorrow night. I'll get to do plenty of watching and listening since my knee won't let me dance yet.