Saturday, September 23, 2006


It was a strenuous morning. I checked on the kittens after a quiet hour or two. Everyone woke up sneezing, and was clearly more interested in lap time than play time. So I put them back down for a longer rest. That gives me time for another catch up post.

Gp 1 Day 2
I had noticed that Kitten x6F had a little eye discharge on the evening of Day 1, and by Day 2 it was green, and so much had collected that when she went in the litterbox she came out with a concrete eye patch. Kitten x4M also had a clear eye discharge and was sneezing. So I reported my findings to L, the foster coordinator at the shelter. And back we went to the shelter to see the vet.

All four kittens seemed mildly dehydrated, so everyone got some SQ fluid. Kittens often get their fluids subcutaneously (SQ), with the needle inserted under the loose skin over the shoulders, instead of intravenously (IV) into their little veins. And I got a bottle of "Doxy", doxycycline, with instructions to give everybody 0.4 cc once-a-day for 10 days. Oops, they didn't get their first dose there. I would have to do that later.

The kittens seemed happy to see me again, and slept in the kennel on the drive home. Then the fun. The tech warned me that they wouldn't like the Doxy. I didn't find the thick gooey brown solution very appetizing, either. Fortunately, John's foster mom D had previously taught me how to do a good kitten wrap to administer meds. Here is Lotus demonstrating...

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