Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I think I've got it

Maybe. An interesting week in the practice room. A few days ago I had the distinct sensation that something about my bow arm is different. I've been working on a major change to everything about using my right arm for a little over a year now. It started with my new teacher's (T-) demand for "more sound, more sound", and to get my bow into the strings. From his side, we worked on supple fingers, a more horizontal and less pronated bow hold, and good "bow change motions" at the wrist. From my side, I continually put too much pressure on the strings to try to play louder. Even when I thought I wasn't. I'm sure that is partly what has contributed to a little right elbow tendinosis I've been struggling with since summer.

But... At my lesson a couple of weeks ago T- said something that just clicked. He asked for a folding in of my arm during an up bow stroke. Wow. That felt different. At that practice a few days ago I felt it again, and all of a sudden I was spinning a huge sound with almost no sensation of pressing onto the strings. As these things go, practices since then have been a real struggle, with nothing feeling right. But today... IT'S BACK!!!

I am so excited. I think I'm breaking through to a new plateau.


Guanaco said...

Cool! It's so nice to achieve one of those "measureable" steps. Too often (as I whine about incessantly in my blog) it's hard to see any improvements when they happen. Usually you have to look backwards to be able to see progress - sometimes I need binoculars :)

Terry said...

Yes, the folding wing! I know exactly what you mean. It makes such a difference on up bows. I have an exercise to help get it back, but it's hard to describe, but let me know if you have trouble getting it back.