Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All's well that ends well

Gp 1 Day 9
Another rough day. Here is the report I sent in this morning:
My four kittens have received 7 (of 10) days of doxycycline. Precious(6) sneezes rarely and Lotus(3) sneezes occasionally, both are eating well, slowly gaining weight, and playing vigorously. I posted a table of their weights here (on this blog.)

The boys aren't doing as well. I brought both of them in on Sunday afternoon for another fluid bolus. We increased the canned food meals from once to twice daily, and the tech (I still don't know her name ) gave me 2 cans of Hill's k/d.

Tempest(4), who had lost 2.5 oz., had regained most of it yesterday, and a little more today. However, he sneezes frequently, has d/c in both eyes (still clear) and this morning started coughing. He was reluctant to eat breakfast, but ate ~2 tsp of canned food with coaxing. His temp was 100.2F this am, and he has mild tenting at the shoulders. While mostly sleeping or sitting in the sun, he has short play sessions.

Angus(5) is down 1.5 oz today. Since yesterday he has very frequent sneezing, sometimes in fits with every breath. Last night he refused dinner, and his temp was 103.5F. I gave him 2 cc of a slurry of moist food (k/d) with warm water by syringe after his doxy dose. He was hungry this morning, also ate ~2 tsp of canned food for breakfast, and has been grazing at the kibble between sneezes. His temp is 102.9F, and he also has mild tenting of his skin. He occasionally tries to play, but it just starts another sneezing fit, so he has been mostly sleeping, preferably on a lap.

I was thinking I might get some Pedialyte and see if the boys would drink it. What else can I do? Would you like to see them?

So yes, we took yet another trip to the shelter. The boys are to stay on doxycycline another 10 days, and got another fluid bolus. They ate enough of the food they were offered to satisfy B, the tech, but Precious and Lotus got most of it for their lunch. However, fluid does seem to increase their appetite and thirst, which helps them keep up on their own, and after a long nap this afternoon they were ravenous for dinner, are sneezing less and playing more. This is Tempest demonstrating the new skill he learned yesterday: jumping up onto the windowsill (about 16 in.) And the new game he discovered he could play there.

Unfortunately, now Lotus is the punky one. She threw up most of that lunch several hours later, after turning up her nose at dinner. Lucky me, it was on the tiles by the door. Several minutes later she threw up again, but this time she ran for the litterbox. Is this a good cat, or what? For now, I'm watching.

Excuse me, Lotus just joined Angus in my lap, with something wet and stinky all over her feet. Wonder where she found that? Gotta go clean a kitten.

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