Monday, September 25, 2006

Gp 1 Weights

You may remember reading at the beginning of this saga that my goal with these fosters is to care for them until the littlest weighs more than 2 lbs. I weigh them every day in a kitchen scale that D loaned to me until either a) I get my own or b) she gets another litter herself. If done carefully, I would guess it is accurate to about+/- o.5 oz, and works great if the kitten will sit still for a few seconds. I quickly learned that a good time to do this is after breakfast, after morning play time, and just before morning nap time.

This is how we are doing so far:
Datex3Fx4Mx5M x6F
Lotus TempestAngusPrecious
T 9/1923272331
W 9/2025282431.5
Th 9/2126.5282432
F 9/222728.52533
Sa 9/2328.530.52634
Su 9/2429.52825.533
M 9/2531302634
T 9/2631.530.524.534.5
W 9/2730.5312534.5
Th 9/28313224.534
F 9/293132.52534
Sa 9/3032332837
Su 10/134352836.5
M 10/235.5363038
T 10/336.5373137.5
W 10/436.53731.538.5
F 10/63939.53440.5
Sa 10/7414034.541

(Yes, the dates in this table go beyond the posted date. I'm editing it with new results so I have them all in one place.)

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