Sunday, September 24, 2006


Gp 1 Day 7
We definitely overdid it yesterday. The sneezes blossomed again this morning. The exit from the Nursery was a dignified procession, in contrast to yesterday's explosion. Morning play time lasted only an hour, then everyone went quiet and snuggly. Notice the dropouts on the play video. And all four wanted lap time, no mean feat given my relatively small lap.

I was especially concerned about Tempest, who was down over two ounces since yesterday and acting like his name should have been Calm. His stools were also completely liquid, not just soft like the others. That is probably just a result of the antibiotic, but it might make it more of a challenge for him to keep hydrated. (It certainly made more work for me, since neither he nor Angus can quite cover their mess in the litterbox without stepping in it yet. Boys!)

Anyway, I called in to the shelter again, and made a trip up with Tempest and Angus to get another little fluid bolus. While I was there (20 minutes?) there were 4 cats being signed over for a variety of reasons (found a stray, kids have allergies, etc.) The intake person said that they average 60-70 animals a day. Can you imagine?

So, I have learned that kittens are like toddlers. They need enforced rest time. Something else good came out of it for them, though. The tech suggested that they get 2 meals a day of moist food while they are recovering from their URI. They'll like that.

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