Friday, September 29, 2006

John visits the Nursery

Gp 1 Day 12
Two routine days. This is great. It's like having a house full of toddlers with colds. No fevers, and no one is really sick, but lots of snotty noses and sneezes everywhere, appetites are a little pickier, and everyone needs a little more rest and gets cranky near nap time. All are hovering around that 2 lb mark except tiny Angus, who is at least holding steady now at 25 oz. He's my lap kitty this morning, while the others are playing.

John paid a visit to the nursery this morning. He's been wanting in for a few minutes each day, but I'm on to him now. He doesn't want to visit the kittens, he wants to snack on their kitten kibble. (!!!) Kitten behavior is much different from the first meeting, with it's puffs and hisses. They run up to him to sniff noses, rub against him, and follow him around. But he can take that for only a few minutes, then he's outta here.

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