Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where to begin? I'm too old, and have done too many things in my life to start at the beginning. So here we are in the middle, and right now I just want to talk about my most recent news.

I love cats, and especially kittens. The first litter of my acquaintance was born in my crib. I spent a few years of my adolescence living with a grandmother who did not allow us to have a pet, but otherwise I've always had at least one cat. So I view one of the biggest problems of being a responsible pet owner is never having kittens. I have three lovely, and neutered, adult cats. Their names are Madeleine, Cricket, and John.

John was the most recent addition, and as a result of the search I became friends with his foster mom. She takes in a new litter of kittens about every month or so, which led me to think about fostering. I have a spare bathroom, and some spare time since I've retired, so...

On Monday I brought home my first foster litter from our local Animal Society. I know I'm a few days behind already, but we'll start there, and I'll catch you up as I can.

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