Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Gp 1 Day 10
Friskies for breakfast, but Lotus didn't want any. She's 2+ sneezing, but has plenty of energy and is eating kibble. Her weight's down an ounce, but she doesn't seem dehydrated. Sounds like her cold is just a little worse. The others were happy to clean up the extra portion. I'm going to have to increase Precious to a quarter can. BTW, my big cats were relieved to see the Friskies this morning. I've been trying a few "Premium" brands, and they haven't been very popular. Kittens have liked them, though.

Nicknames for today: Lotus is Sneezy, Angus is Snort. Poor little guy has to clear that nose vigorously, but his sneezing is down to 3+ from 4+ yesterday, and he isn't hot to the touch any more. He had a good game of Untie the Shoelaces this morning.

Thought you would enjoy seeing how these kittens can eat when they have an appetite. This is breakfast on Day 3, just kibble. It's the morning after they all went in for hydration, and everyone was pretty perky. They are still wearing their red "refugee collars," as D calls them. Can you hear Angus growling?

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