Saturday, September 30, 2006

Morning play time

Gp 1 Day 13
It seems like they got big overnight. Tempest, Lotus, and of course Precious are at or over 2 lbs today. And Angus shot up to 28 oz. He was the first to finish his breakfast portion. I think he knows he has some catching up to do. While all have a little sneezing still, appetites and energy have returned in full force.

The big event for the day was a mass exodus from the office. No, events. They got out at least twice. I swear that Tempest can fly 16 feet across the floor before I can close the door on the way out. They had a little fun checking out most of the house and meeting Madeleine briefly before I rounded them up. We also had the mystery exit from the Nursery to the office after nap time. How did they open that door?

Thought you would enjoy some clips of morning play time.

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PinkFluffySlippers said...

Hi GGP. What cute kitties! They're so full of life. I love how the black one trots off with the toy in her mouth. Looks like you have quite a house full right now. How do they react to the cello?