Monday, September 25, 2006

Morning report

Gp 1 Day 8
This morning I was greeted by a veritable chorus of sneezes, but a pretty high energy level. Only little Angus is still dragging. He quickly made his way to my lap, and I later moved him to a new bed. The polartec blanket on this wooden arm chair is a favorite spot for my big cats to hang out while I am at the computer. Was also delighted to find formed stools in the litterbox, undoubtedly due to this new k/d moist food that we brought home from the shelter yesterday. Cleanup went much quicker today - far less hardened kitty poo on the tub and walls in the Nursery.

Tempest is back in form. He had two quick visits to the outside world again this morning. Gotta keep a spare hand free to nab him on the way in, or he is out. Said hello to John again. Much less exciting today: no growls, hisses, or puffs; just quiet sniffing.

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