Saturday, September 23, 2006

The bigger world

Gp 1 Day 6
This morning I was greeted by an explosion of kittens out of the Nursery door. They're getting big and energetic, and obviously feeling well. The bathroom that is the nursery was originally designed to serve the master bedroom, but we are using that as the office. With the office door closed, it's a nice, contained space, BUT not exactly kitten proof. I think I did a reasonable job of eliminating the worst of the hazards, but this is not a place I'd leave them unsupervised.

We had the expected - distracting them from the computer cords - and the unexpected - they can fit behind the bookcases. (I quickly blocked that access with a rolled up blanket and table runner, but not before Angus demonstrated how it could be done.) Bulldog clips are a favorite toy, and as I type I am surrounded by thundering herds making the most of Chase in the bigger room. And they've learned to play Feet under the door.

Then the inevitable. These kittens are very clear that the function of doors is to keep them away from somewhere they want to be. First the Nursery door, then the Office door. I thought I'd caught all of them when I came back in (and they ran out) but a loud growl in the hallway outside alerted me to the fact that I had missed one. And it was NOT a big cat growling. It was little Tempest, who had met John.

So, John was curious, and the kittens are healthy, and we all had a supervised meeting in the office. The kittens demonstrated how big they can look when they puff themselves up, and John was as sweet and gentle as I had expected him to be. Only Lotus needed a little calming afterward - she was stuck in puff position.

Sounds like things are slowing down. Lotus is learning how computer time works - curled up in my lap purring as I type. I had better go clean the Nursery. I believe it will be naptime soon.

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