Friday, September 22, 2006

Group 1 Day 5
It's a gray, rainy morning, but there is a skylight in the bathroom so the merest crack of dawn is sufficient to wake the kittens. Everyone can climb out of the tub now, even Lotus, so they were all playing on the floor when I went in. Everyone made a mad rush for the door, but regrouped as I deftly blocked their exit with a foot and they realized I was staying inside. There was still a little dry food, but the water was gone as usual and, though grateful for a drink, they seemed more interested in cuddles.

Lotus has a new behavior this morning. She has learned the head butt to ask for attention whenever my hand is near and she wants a pet, or against my chin when she has climbed up on my shoulder.

Angus, I see as he is getting bigger, is not actually black, but a black on chocolate tabby. Very pretty. He evidently enjoyed last night's pre-bedtime snuggle with the three smaller kittens purring on my lap, because he wanted more laptime. Today he is talking, little meows to get attention. I got one every time he partially awoke from his lap snooze, just to remind me that he was still there and still wanted hugs.

Tempest is mellowing as he gets bigger. I see him sitting at my feet in a tiny bundle, tail wrapped over over his feet and staring solemnly at me to let me know it is his turn for attention. As the biggest brother, he also spends a fair amount of time wrestling with big Precious.

Precious plays well with the others, but is the most independent. She likes to be pet, but prefers not to be picked up, though she will graciously submit to being rolled onto her back. She's not a selfish big sister at all, but seems happy to let the little ones have a turn at the toys while she watches. When she is frightened she runs and hides behind the nearest large object, but is found sitting quietly and peering out to see what's up. And she is the official greeter for the bunch when any of the big cats pokes a nose in out of curiosity.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. You don't really know who these guys are yet. Next time.

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