Friday, January 26, 2007

Cello lesson 1/25

Scale: A MAJ
T- is tired of hearing E for a year, and I had questions about the fingering, so that's where we stayed. For whatever reason, I find this to be the most difficult scale.
* Fingering: avoid open strings, so it's standard Duport
G: 1x2-4 1x2-4
D: (G#) 1-2-4
A: (C#) 1-2-4 1-3-4 standard upper 2 octaves (1212123 1212123)
* Vibrato in thumb position. I've been working on touching the thumb lightly to the next lower string. It does reduce tension, but I'm still a little awkward. Keep the motion vector parallel to the knuckles, which means angled away from the fingerboard, not parallel to the string.
* Arpeggio.
- Play at qu=66 instead of ha=88.
- All arps start on C string, most with 2
- Demonstrated Magg variation which checks location of thumb after shift
- Reviewed 3 standard fingerings
-- 2-1-3 2-1-3 2-1-3 2-1-2-3
-- 1-3 1-3 1-3 2 1-3 1-3 1-3
-- T-2 T T-2 T T-2 T T-1-2-3

I had one question. Near the end, after the trill, I have been clipping the C en route to the coda beginning on E, probably because of the 1-1 shift across strings.
* Trill
- Do not remain in extended hand position. Relax 1 while trilling on 2-4
- Think of how many times you can remove the finger from the string rather than how many times you can press it down. "Hot stove" technique.
- Then add low ceiling, keeping finger lift close to the string.
* Shift
- extend to C to finish the trill, but with finger tip long to D string
- shift old finger (1) to E but already on new string

Bach, Prelude to 2nd Suite
Played through. I can really feel where I am able to play freely and where I need to think about how to play the next notes. We discussed my cadenza, which I finally have an idea about, also memorizing, phrasing, playing convincingly, confidence, the little guy on my left criticizing my technique, and the little pipsqueak on my right criticizing my emotional content. (It's a wonder I can play at all!) I may be able to flesh out some more notes later, but for now, let me just document my cadenza so maybe I'll remember it.
m1: A Bb C A F E F G D C Bb A
m2: A Bb C A
m3: D A F A
m4: A G F E D
(Need to play this again. Can't quite remember.)
Memorizing: assessment
* Auditory. OK, I could sing the first phrase. But I know I need to clean up about 10% where it's not quite remembered.
* Kinesthetic: I really need to work on being able to imagine all of the motions of playing when I'm not playing.
* Visual: really weak, but also the hardest for most people

I may have forgotten to mention that T- wants me to play this in the next studio class on 2/17. Therefore I would not have mentioned that I am terrified of playing in front of all those teenage prodigies. I'll do it if I must, but more realistically I am aiming for the next adult recital on 3/6.

Watch this space. I think I might still be able to remember a little more with another practice.


Anonymous said...

You have a cadenza? Wow. I'm inspired to go blow the dust off my cello and practice now.

Gottagopractice said...

Cello? Dust? Oh, no! Say it isn't so!

Anonymous said...

Exaggerating a bit, but it may have been the first time I played this week :-< Spending waay too much time working.