Monday, January 29, 2007


I can't believe a month has passed so quickly. My mother left today, stronger after her time here at "The Spa". I'll bet she's glad to get away from the crazy daughter who made her work out to Bond every other day.

The kittens will miss her. She was here all the time, while I was out at lessons or rehearsals or doing chores. Her bed had a great polartec "headboard" (now disassembled) that was perfect for daytime naps. And they slept with her at least part of every night. I could always tell where they had been. Most kittens don't smell like cocoa butter.

Luke thought the packing process was quite fascinating, his first experience with suitcases.

He does look rather forlorn, sitting on the packed case. And he's been in my lap nearly continuously since I returned from the airport. I think he gets it.


5plus said...

He is so sweet and mellow; he will miss your mom.

shelley said...

Ahhh, Luke does look sad sitting on the suitcase! I'm sure the kittens will miss your Mom. Luke seems like quite the cuddle bug!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby