Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Traveling the US

I really have been reviewing my past year and contemplating what I might do with this one, in a desultory fashion between kitten chores and reading other peoples' blogs. (And practicing. Goes without saying.) I've run across a few that list the desire to see all of the states in the US, but didn't find that very interesting myself. After a little detour with direction from Heavy Duty Power, I realized why. I've already been to (or at least through) all but 3 states: Rhode Island, Alaska, and Arizona. Maybe a visit to Guanaco should be in my future, after all!

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(Oops. I just realized that I have been to Phoenix for a meeting. That's in Arizona, which leaves only Rhode Island and Alaska. Have I really never been to Rhode Island?)


Guanaco said...

Bring your cello :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's have an Alaskan cello vacation!

shelley said...

I'm going on an Alaskan cruise at the end of May. I took the same cruise a couple of years ago - wonderful scenery. Maybe you could get a gig playing the Cello on one of the ships : )