Friday, January 05, 2007

It was a day

Yesterday was my all-music-all-day day. After a too long and leisurely blog read and cup of coffee (with fringe benefit of purring kittens in lap) I spent 30 minutes cramming for my piano lesson. (I haven't practiced since mid-December. Bad me.) John came tearing down to the piano and settled in at my knee. You could almost hear the sigh, "At last!". (I can see I need to review the rules for punctuation in dialog.) Then I was off, from 1130-1930.
1 hr piano lesson
1.5 hr cello practice
2 hr cello lesson
1.5 hr orchestra rehearsal
plus transportation time.

It was supposed to be 1 hr cello lesson and 2 hr orchestra rehearsal, but the student following me inexplicably failed to appear, so I had a double lesson. Much as I hate being late to orchestra rehearsal, it was well worth the opportunity. I got quality time on both of my recital pieces, as well as the scale and etude. Plus the administrative bonus of taking care of a make-up lesson.

During my practice time I did a Chuck and Don seam survey of my cello, and found a 3 inch opening in the posterocaudal lower bout. (Don't want to waste all of that hard-earned medical vocabulary.) Chuck and Don, you say? That was just the receipt I happened to have in my purse. I have yet to hear an opening on percussion (another medical term, in this case refering to thunking around the perimeter with a knuckle or fingertip), but have good success with using a thin piece of paper to poke in the seams. So Ian went to the shop for gluing this morning, and Emma will be called into service, hopefully just until tomorrow, but possibly all weekend if they have to open the seam more to glue it adequately. Maybe I'll treat myself, and change her strings. I've been meaning to for at least a year.

Brain dump of cello lesson will follow. I was too beat to attempt it last night. This will be a memory triple whammy, with a double lesson followed immediately by a rehearsal and then a 24-hour delay in getting to paper. But I'll do my best.

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