Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sunshine Luke

Is it my imagination, or is Luke a member of an accelerated race of cats? He's reaching milestones in days that took previous kittens a week or two. Example: he could jump out of the tub on the first night. Now, Group 1 could also do that at 25 oz, so that's not too surprising for his size. But after a couple of days he figured out the bedtime routine, so now he just settles himself down for the night and waits for me in the morning.

I considered letting him out into the house early to give tiny Leia a break from his constant pestering, but fully intended to wait at least a week. Two nights ago John did a clumsy hop out of the office that left the box blocking the door askew, and there Luke was in the kitchen. I put him back in the office, and he promptly proved that he could climb over the 2.5-foot barricade by himself, thank you.

OK, fine. He explored the whole house, greeting all the big cats with an absolute lack of fear, and stopped to play with toys downstairs. His favorite was the pink mouse-on-a-string. After catching it he tried to dismember it, growling all the time. He scared Madeleine so badly she ran back into the bedroom to hide. His momma obviously taught him good hunting skills, though he seemed confused that he couldn't eat that mouse.

The next morning I just left the office door open, and here comes Luke giving Leia a tour of the house. Straight to the mudroom where the big cats' food dishes are. Mmm. Big cat kibble. Thank you very much.

Luke has also learned that it's just as effective to sit at your feet and wait to be picked up than to clamber up your leg with his needle toes. I really appreciate that he learned that lesson so fast. This morning he figured out how circle ball works. And, best things last, it took him all of 2 minutes to figure out that the nicest place in the world to be is in a human lap, purring wildly to the sound of tippy tappy typing. All in all, I'd give this kitten an A+.


Anonymous said...

He sounds like a super-cat. I don't know how you manage to foster these kittens without constantly adding to your permanent cat population. I'd probably want to keep at least one from every bunch.

shelley said...

I have to agree with pinkfluffy slippers - I'm not sure I could give the foster kittens back either. I could easily become one of those people with 40 cats in the house : )

Little Luke seems like quite the social cat, I love the pictures of him basking in the sun on the cat tree.