Thursday, January 18, 2007

Itty Bitty Kitty

She may be tiny, but she's a dynamo. Now that she's gaining weight she has lots of calories to spare for instigating wrestling matches. After she wears out her brother, she goes for Uncle John.

I must say, the first time I saw John wrestling with Leia I thought he was murdering her. But no. He had good training, wrestling with 18 lb. Ballou in his foster home, and has learned how to play with a teensy tiny without harm. For a variety of reasons, Luke and Leia have been wholeheartedly accepted into the family. John wrestles with Leia, and Cricket cleans Luke's butt. All the comforts of home.


shelley said...

What a cute video! It's so nice to see that the BIGS have accepted the littles. These two really seem to be fitting in.

Babeth said...

Had her cornered didn't he ? --chuckle-- Bet the kitling was winning before the black biggy got distracted... They always win 'coz they're cute.