Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Christmas at my house

The upside of SheetMusicPlus is that they have an extensive catalogue. The downside of SheetMusicPlus is that the economy shipping can take forever. I can't remember how many months ago I placed the order I received today. I didn't even remember what I had ordered until I opened the box. (It must have been before Christmas... one of the books was carols for 2 celli.) (No, it may have been closer to Thanksgiving... two of the books were Beatles arrangements for cello that I would have ordered while working on that wedding I played right afterward.)

But the most exciting thing, in addition to the new Bärenreiter edition of the Duport Exercises, was two volumes of CD Sheet Music: Cello Music Part I, Baroque and Classical and Cello Music Part II, Romantic and Early Modern. Since I was frustrated at not being able to find a complete Table of Contents for these, I am going to post them here. They may be of use to someone else, and then I have someplace easy to refer to them. This is very cool - a 90% complete library for less than 40 bucks!

OK, on further review while typing it's not 90%. But it's still a lot of music.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of those CDs, but not sure I'd want all those individual sheets printed out. I haven't figured out a good system of binderizing loose music yet. Sometimes it doesn't have enough border for a 3-hole punch, so I got plastic sheet protectors. But duh, you can't write on the sheets when they're in plastic sleeves.

Gottagopractice said...

Excellent points, PFS, and worthy of a more detailed discussion. But the nicest feature of a CD is that you only print out the music you are working on at any given time, while the rest resides snugly and compactly (if you will) on the CD on your bookshelf. Or maybe that's the second best feature, after the price.