Thursday, January 04, 2007


Leia report. We didn't have to make that trip to the shelter, afterall. With a little culinary enticement (kitten pate and formula) frequently offered (every 2 hours) she perked up. Though she hasn't gained much weight, her energy level is much better. I'm happy with that for now. She's decided that she really prefers big cat kibble and pate, though. I suppose that's fair, since John has been leaving his untouched in favor of sneaking into the nursery to eat kitten kibble.

D- says that I am too lenient. I would not have made a good pediatrician, because I can't stand to hear babies crying. All of my fosters have been orphans, so while they're here I become Mom, and if they hear me in the house they want to be where I am. This group is the worst for making that need known vocally. So yes, I'm a sucker, but in my defense, D- usually has the mom with the kittens so she doesn't have to suffer with this like I do.

Luke has a new trick. He discovered that he can't climb up the kitchen towels hanging from the cabinet drawers, but he can pull them onto the floor. So now whenever he walks by and they are hanging he does so. Little brat.

This was my solution to keeping Leia toasty when she wasn't feeling so well. I teased them that they must have been kangaroos in a previous life.


Gottagopractice said...

Look... There are more!

shelley said...

Oh, how cute - a sweatshirt full of kittens : )