Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kittens in the house

Gp 1 Day 14
Wow, did we have fun today. Energy off the meter this morning, bouncing off the walls in the office, and no more than 1+ sneezing all around. So when they rushed the door after church, I let them have the run of the house. They headed downstairs, where the floors are carpeted and they don't slide so much. Plus, I have open stairs that do a 180 as they go down, a veritable jungle gym. They raided the big cats' toy box for mice, then you never saw such running and jumping and wrestling and climbing.

All of the bigs were greeted in due course. Madeleine sniffed noses then hid under the bed. Cricket hissed or growled anytime there was a kitten near. It was pretty funny, seeing the four of them change course in tandem when they got too close. Then, she came downstairs after the kittens had set up their playground, and was charged by Angus, who proceeded to chase her in a circle completely around the downstairs. She finally settled in the closet doorway guarding the bedroom from the interlopers. So who do you think defies her? Little Angus prancing by with nose and tail in the air. Hilarious. And of course, John just joined in the fun, a great big kitten himself. Here is a clip of what happens when little cat surprises big cat.

So, my husband (DH) asks when they are out taking over the house, how do you catch them to put them back in the office? No problem, I reply. When they get tired they'll come looking for my lap to take a nap in. And so they did. While they were sleepy we took the advantage and clipped some toenails. Ahh, much better.

I got e-mail messages from the shelter today looking for foster homes for a total of 18 kittens and one mom. I figure I've got another week with these four. The antibiotic course ends on Friday, and the way Angus is finally eating he will surely reach 2 lbs by then. I sure hope they can find enough good homes for all these little guys. I'm going to miss these ones a lot.

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