Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And also

Gp 1 Day 17
We all went to bed late last night and got up early this morning, so bigs and littles slept most of the day. I wish I could sleep during the day. Why did we get to bed late? Well, D got a litter of new kittens (6) yesterday with an emaciated, sniffling, dehydrated mom. She called me late for information about current emergency instructions for the fosters; mom was hot and the kittens were cold and they really needed to be seen in the middle of the night. But I was still up anyway, because Cricket had climbed up on the roof from her upper deck and wouldn't come in even though we were having a thunderstorm.

Why were we up early? Because John and I were up every couple of hours through the night calling at all the doors to see if she had managed to get down to the ground during the night. He was really upset that she wasn't inside. He even sat outside on the deck in the dark and the rain looking for her for awhile. That's a good buddy. We finally stayed up when she wandered in about 6am, through the second floor door. Dry. I have no idea where she found to stay dry on the roof, but deck privileges are currently suspended.

Something else I have been doing lately is some minor photography and editing of cat photos for another of the local cat rescue groups to put up on Pet Finders. So I've learned some very basic PhotoShop editing. I was fooling around with this photo today. No, not a cat, but my other love, the cello. I'm always delighted when I figure out how to do something new. And this is just to warn you that, as these kittens will soon be going to return to the shelter and I'll have a week or more until I start over again, I may be talking a bit about playing the cello here.

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