Thursday, October 19, 2006

Group 3 Day 1

My day went something like this. Wake up on the east coast at 4:15am. Take a bus and train to the airport to fly home at 9. Arrive 10:45, drive home, 10 minute turnaround to take DH to the airport, then on to piano lesson at noon. Drive to shelter to pick up Group 3, drop them off at home, pick up cello and music and go to cello lesson at 2:45. Stop at hospital to have blood sample drawn en route to orchestra rehearsal at 5. Home at 7:45, feed cats, feed kittens, play with kittens, feed self. Upload pictures to blog. Still need to play with cats before bed.

Group 3 consists of three females, turned in as strays. They were reportedly found sitting by someone's garage without mother in sight. They are a little longer than short haired, but they have rough outdoor fur, not really medium length. There is one tortoiseshell, one calico, and one black and white. I discussed names with my 7 year old neighbor last night, who specifically requested that one be named Charlotte. So, the torti is Charlotte, the calico is Sheila, and the tuxedo is Shariah. More news tomorrow.

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shelley said...

Ooooooooh, the new group is beautiful! What a cute little group of fluff balls =^..^=