Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here kitty kitty kitty

Gp 1 Day 18
Check this out. It took about 4 days to train these kittens to come running for chow time when they are called. I started by calling "kitty kitty" while they were already eating. Then, just before I set the dish down in front of them. Next step, holding it high over their heads and setting it down while they were dancing under the dish. Waiting until they were playing but in eye sight. And finally, I can call when they are in another part of the house. I'm so proud of us! And look - Cricket came upstairs from her nap this morning.

Isn't this a cool "cat dish"? It's actually a designer appetizer dish from Target. Breaks into two parts for cleaning, or when you only need two dishes. It's small enough to handle with one hand, and large enough to keep kittens comfortably spaced so they graze less into each others' territory. And it was on sale for 5 bucks. I have had several people look at me askance when they notice that I use people dishes to feed my cats, and yes, occasionally I use them for people food. Come on folks. Have you seen how dedicated "pet dishes" are often treated? They sit in some dark corner of the kitchen or mudroom getting groatier and groatier as new food is added each day. My dishes go into the dish washer after each meal, and everyone gets to eat off of clean plates. I think that's a far better plan.

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shelley said...

I LOVE your "cat" dish, and the video of all the kittens rushing in for breakfast was adorable.