Monday, October 02, 2006

What did you do today?

Angus, Lotus and Tempest visited with L. This purse looked like an ideal place for a nap! Precious visited, too, but was occupied elsewhere.

Madeleine watched the kittens with great interest, but stayed out of reach.

Tempest climbed up the couch to look out the window like the big kitties.

John watched the kittens on the stairs. Actually, John was where the kittens were most of the time, except when he was sneaking back into the Nursery to snack on kitten kibble.

Cricket watched the kittens from around the corner. She still hisses and growls when they get too close, but is always around somewhere when they are out.

D visited, and the kittens showed off all of their fun games for her. This is Precious with a mouse.

The whole house was a playground, but Lotus and Angus found a cozy spot on a couch to curl up together. Is this where the big cats sleep?


shelley said...

Love your blog on fostering kittens : ) What cute kittens, they even look like your 3 "bigs" : )

Gottagopractice said...

Purely coincidence. I didn't know waht colors these were when I agreed to take them. My own cats are mostly black because 1) I think they're beautiful, and 2) they are much more practical. Black cat hair is much harder to see on your clothes! Thanks for stopping by.