Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Official greeter

Gp 2 Day 3
These little fluff balls are not going to make weight in a week. Picky little eaters, they are, and a little sneezy, too. Motor skills are coming along, though. They can both hop up onto the stair by the tub, and from there over to the toilet, another 8 inch leap. Took about 30 minutes to learn how to climb over the cat carrier strategically placed in the doorway. A wall of pillows worked for the rest of yesterday, but was easily climbed today. That's all good, but it does mean that they are playing with the Nursery door closed today. I think they're a little too small to have the run of the office yet.

John has been very interested in kitten goings on, greeting us at the door when we arrived, visiting the tub the first night, and chirping at the nursery door every few hours, wanting in. I really think that he is looking for the other kittens when he does that, though. He misses his little buddies, and so do I. DH and I were sorting through how attached we got to that first crew. We decided that the reason we bonded so much and so quickly was that those four kittens were exactly the kind we would have been looking for to adopt. Bad luck, in a way, that they were the first, which has its own kind of specialness. I'm refraining from asking how they are getting along on the adoption floor until the weekend, not wanting to be a pest, but I'm thinking about them lots.

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