Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gp 3 Day 7

It's now the end of the first week with Group 3. The major theme has been enticing everyone to eat, a problem I prefer to nursing upper respiratory infections. Things did not turn out as I would have expected after the initial weigh-in. Sheila, the smallest, turns out to be a voracious eater, and is turning into a little round punkin head. Seamus, the biggest, ate hardly anything for three days, until finally I regressed him all the way back to formula (kitten milk replacement). Charlotte is willing to taste everything, but not eat much of anything. Her weight dropped to 24 oz., but is holding steady, so I figure she must be getting something.

Socialization is proceding well. The amount of biting is decreasing. Everyone has a nice relaxation response to being picked up. Seamus finally purred, quietly, not to be confused with the rumbles his sisters produce. And there is definite lap-seeking behavior when they get tired, my favorite part.

Group 3 is still confined to the Nursery and adjacent office. I thought about getting a baby gate, but instead rigged up a make-shift barricade of boxes and a wooden stool to keep them confined while allowing access to big cats and people, as well as visual access to their space. Seeing Cricket swoop over the wall is a thing of beauty. John, on the other hand...

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Anonymous said...

I love how the little white one puffs up and hisses. So fierce!