Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Every day is something new

Gp 1 Day 16
With the kittens now spending several hours each day in the house at large, it is time to address some general house training issues. House training doesn't just mean that they should use a litterbox when they need to eliminate. That part is usually easy if they have had a litterbox and a Mom available in their first few weeks. Now comes the learning of the house rules.

I thought my rules were pretty simple, until I started writing this. Then I realized there are a number of things I like my cats to do that I don't usually think much about. Here is a list:
1. No rough play. Claws in for tickles and belly rubs, and no biting.
2. No scratching furniture.
3. No climbing curtains would be a rule, but I don't have any (partly because I have cats.)
4. No cats on the kitchen counter or dining room table.
5. No kittens on the desk.
6. No cats go outside on ground level.
7. No kittens go out on the upper deck where the big cats are allowed to enjoy the short part of the year when there is no snow, rain, or hail.
8. Cats should enjoy cello playing, or at least refrain from rude comments.
Cats of course means anyone of the feline persuasion, while kittens applies specifically to the young fry.

What brought this to mind? Well, first, Tempest got up on the kitchen counter twice. We'll talk about that some other time. Also yesterday, John demonstrated how he uses the scratching post downstairs. In my house I have multiple horizontal scratch boxes, mostly used by Madeleine and demonstrated by Tempest in an earlier video (Scratching Box). I also have two scratching posts under the stairs downstairs, a rather simple set-up which my vertical scratchers, Cricket and John prefer. Cricket likes the sisal, and John stretches all the way up to the second carpeted area. When Madeleine uses it, she prefers the lower carpeted part of the pole, horizontal scratcher that she is.

Evidently John made quite an impression. One of the first places the kittens went today was the scratching posts. A great place to have a good time, work out those little claws, and stay away from the furniture!

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