Thursday, October 12, 2006


An early start to winter weather, not even mid-October. I broke the ban on deck visits for the big cats. They don't like deep snow, but do enjoy sitting out in little bits. It was 25F when I got out of bed this morning, but as I type it's above freezing, the little snow has melted, and everything is wet and dreary. John is especially enjoying checking out the weather. He was too little to go outside on the balcony last year, so this is really his first snow sighting. He doesn't seem to mind the cold much. I guess his extra layer of adipose is good insulation. Madeleine also enjoys the cold when it's not too wet; her thick coat is impervious to light drizzles. Crazy Cricket just keeps moving to keep warm.

I drove the little fluff balls into the shelter yesterday during the early snow fall. Their sneezes continued to increase, along with nasal and eye discharge, though still clear, and they were a little dehydrated and still not eating well. So they got some fluids and I brought home more doxycycline (10 days, through 10/20) and some magic calorie drops. I am happy to report that soon after returning home they were already playing and eating. I think it's the hydration that's magic.

While I was waiting for them I ran up to the adoption floor, just to check. There were Tempest, Angus, and Precious, looking sleepy and a bit dazed, but no Lotus. Turns out both Lotus and Tempest have already been adopted. I guess Tempest was just waiting to be picked up. I wrote my blog address on the foster description, and harbor the secret hope that their new families will check in to tell me they are doing fine.

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