Monday, October 09, 2006

First report

Gp 2 Day 2
When I returned the chunky monsters yesterday, I asked L if there was anyone with a short-term need. One of the shelter rules is that no one other than a spouse can care for the kittens when the primary foster person (that's me) is out of town. Since I am planning a short trip next week, I have only a week before any fosters would need to go back, anyway. She had this pair of brothers who are the last of their litter to make weight. They were treated for roundworms and fleas last week, and will benefit from a week of TLC. I told them when we arrived at home that they were at the Kitty Spa.

After we got settled I found that they are a few ounces lighter than I had expected, and not much interested in eating. The shelter sent me home with some diabetic kibble and canned food, chosen because stools had been loose and this is low residue and calorie dense. Well, I guess your stools will firm up if you are not eating. Even John turned up his nose when he checked it out. Had a little better luck this morning with some Royal Canin kitten kibble and Friskies, but took some coaxing and belly rubs. I'll get some Wellness kitten food later this morning, a favorite of Gp 1. I figure I'll feed them whatever they will eat, and keep an eye on those stools.

One more opportunity for a maternal moment. Their coats felt dry and dusty, so I treated them to a good "grooming" with a barely damp washcloth. Oh, ecstasy. That was our bonding moment. Byron got a little brushing to smooth out that fluffy coat, and is looking quite the handsome fellow. They both have squeaky little meows, Buster's a little more robust.

On motor assessment, neither kitten can get out of the tub yet. Buster can jump up onto the step outside the tub, about 8 inches. Byron can't quite. When they first were down on the floor the most interesting thing was to run as fast as they could back and forth the 4 foot length of the bathroom, chasing each other. Dust bunnies in motion. I suspect they haven't had much room for running around. Very good. Exercise builds appetite, as well as strength.

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