Thursday, October 12, 2006


Gp 2 Day 5
We're not going to have any wild action videos from these two. They have sedate little personalities, play gently and quietly, and sleep most of the time. But I was so delighted to finally see some appetites this morning that I took this video. They like this Wellness cat and kitten food, preferring the cat formula turkey to the kitten, and I'm happy to report that stools are firm and formed. They've also been eating the DM kibble, which is good because that's what they'll get back at the shelter. They're also easy to medicate, and I followed the doxy dose with 0.2 cc of magic calorie drops. Sneezes are definitely less than yesterday, and weights are finally up. Hopefully we'll have quiet progress from now until they return on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm.. catfood! Coming here to watch your videos is sort of like having a pet, but without the cleanup. :)